Impact through Innovation


State of the art purpose-built lab space

The PVD Labs at 150 Richmond is a state-of-the-art mixed-use development that will unite academia, cutting-edge science, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs in a dynamic new ecosystem that promises to advance high-impact biomedical and public health research. It will be a regional landmark in life-science innovation, intensifying the vibrant transformation taking place in Rhode Island’s fast-growing life sciences sector.

150 Richmond will be anchored by the new 80,000 SF​ Rhode Island State Health Laboratory (RISHL).

The PVD Labs will include lab and office space for biotech, medical research, Brown University and affiliated technology​ companies.

One floor, with the potential of expanding to more, will provide flexible, incubator-style wet labs, offices, and support services for early-stage companies seeking to establish and grow their operations.

With this extraordinary fusion of intellect, talent, ambition, and resources, this new development is positioned to become a place for world-changing breakthroughs.

Spaces designed for innovators

The PVD Labs is downtown Providence’s very first purpose-built facility offering high quality wet lab space to meet the needs of Rhode Island’s expanding life science ecosystem. This is the place where collaborative, innovative science can happen right in the heart of the city.

Flexibility to accommodate single-bench to full-floor organizations

Access to centralized stand-by power and lab waste systems

Opportunities for in-place company growth over time

System infrastructure that supports a 60% wet-lab, 40% office build-out

Highly proximate to academic and public health research activities

Targeting LEED Gold Certification

Contact us to learn more about leasing space.

Alden Anderson, Jr.
Senior Vice President
T +1 401 447 1353
C +1 401 621 4338

Hilary Fagan
Vice President
T +1 401 330 1913
C +1 401 465 8046

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